Conclusions and Recommendations

1. Male and female STEM faculty perceive their work place differently.

•Male faculty perceive more gender equity and less need to make efforts to increase women in the STEM disciplines.

•Female faculty perceive themselves as having to work harder and having fewer resources available as their male colleagues.

2. Male and female STEM faculty agree on some issues.

•See men and women as equally productive and driven to succeed, but men as more competitive.

•Feel supported by their Dean or Director.

•See Alaska as a good place for women STEM faculty

3. Women STEM faculty seem to be advancing through the ranks but are underrepresented at the Associate and Full Professor ranks. UAF continues to hire fewer women in the higher ranks.

4. Women STEM faculty earn less than their male colleagues but that is mainly due to time in rank.


1. Training for search committees for STEM faculty positions.

2. Gender-balance for search committees, if necessary asking women faculty members from different STEM departments to serve on hiring committees.

3. UAF’s Faculty Senate Committee on the Status of Women should take up the salary differentials.

4. The Chancellor’s Task Force on Work-Life Balance needs to push for provision of adequate, affordable daycare for all faculty.

5. Office of Faculty Development will survey all associate professors in Fall 2011 to assess the level and quality of mentoring.

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